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wedding magazine, wedding keepsake, wedding favor, cybzines
wedding magazine, wedding keepsake, wedding favor, cybzines


CYBZINES is designed to make your moment of extravaganza even

more special and memorable. 


No more scrolling through your photos on your phone or carrying around a big bulky album. have your cherished memories at the palm of your hands and other times displayed on the coffee table. It's bound to

be a conversation starter! 

Picture yourself on the cover of your very own magazine featuring

you and your loved one. CYBZINES will be completely unique and personalized

for your special day.

It will make for the perfect gift and the best souvenir bound to be cherished forever and ever. 


Personalize your once in a lifetime in a
high quality printed magazine



Wedding Invite

Start your personalized journey with a wedding invite. Why not send your guests a little preview of your proposal photos in your wedding invitation. 


Wedding Favor

Treat your guests to a wedding favor they will be bound to cherish for years to come. Turn your engagement photos into a customized magazine you can give to your guests. 


Wedding Keepsake

You're going to want to remember all the special moments of this special day and there's nothing like having it at the palms of your hands to visit from time to time.



"There is really no other way to describe a magazine from Cybzines other than it is an experience. This is unlike anything I have ever seen before! Having a printed magazine of this caliber really makes me relive every moment of my wedding all over again. The best part about Cybzines is that anything could be personalized. I was so fascinated by this product that I have been getting all my vacation photos personalized into a Cybzines magazine."

—  Mariana 

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